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Our Mission

At College Aid Professionals, we are dedicated to educating families about the financial aid and admissions process. We have helped make college an affordable experience for over 20,000 families. Our mission is to ensure that the college process is not only an affordable one, but also a smooth transition for everyone.

Experienced Professionals

For nearly two decades we have been providing sevices to families in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and the New York area, educating them on the financial aid and admissions process, to assist them in navigating the college process successfully and to be a valuable resource during a time that normally creates great anxiety for families.

How We Can Help

  • We will work closely with you to design a cost effective method to cover college expenses that work for you and your family
  • We will work with the student to help prep for the SAT test
  • Assist with college selection
  • Assist with personal statements, essays, and help complete the admissions applications

In addition to creating a financial plan to make college affordable, we also:

  • Prepare and submit all necessary financial aid forms
  • Draft and coordinate financial aid appeals
  • Review financial aid awards
  • Recommend alternative/supplemental loans

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