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Should I use a scholarship service?

If you are not going to receive financial aid then an absolute yes! However, if you are going to receive financial aid then you need to be aware that the school can reduce your financial aid package dollar for dollar with any outside scholarship money received.

What is the FAFSA form?

The FAFSA form is the beginning of the financial aid process. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid form is required to be filed by each student every year.

What other possible forms might we have to file?

After the FAFSA, you might, depending on your college choices, have to complete a CSS Profile, a state grant form and/or an institutional form.

Do the financial aid forms need to be filed every year?

Every year you begin the financial aid process anew.

Myths and Misconceptions - College Aid Professionals

We make too much money to receive financial aid.

Not always true. Many families with substantial income have received financial aid. It is in everyone's best interest to file each and every year.

My child is going to community/junior college or trade school. We do not need to fill out any forms.

There are programs you can benefit from even if your child is not going to a traditional four year college.

I am going to pay double the cost with two children in college at the same time.

Because of the nature of the congressional methodology formula you are not going to pay double for two in school at the same time. As a rule of thumb 60% of your income and assets will be counted for each. In other words for two in school you will pay approximately 20% more than you paid for one student.

It will be cheaper for my child to attend a state college.

It depends on income and assets, but if you plan ahead most families may pay the same for a state college or a private college.

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