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At College Aid Professionals our job is to help our clients financially prepare for college. Through our step-by-step program, we show our clients how to make college affordable. Here are some testimonials from a few satisfied clients.

“My wife & I found College Aid Professionals go well beyond helping families determine their best option for paying for college. Their expertise has been a valuable resource throughout the application process. They were friendly, prompt, professional and always available for personal consultation. We would highly recommend them to any parent of a college bound student.”

~ Dr. Neil DiSpirito

“I cannot say enough how appreciative I am for the help and guidance from College Aid Professionals LLC! Choosing a college is such an important decision, but figuring out all the financial paperwork (and how we were going to pay for it) was a huge stressor. There is no way I could of navigated all the necessary paperwork and deadlines without their help. I would certainly recommend College Aid Professionals to all families starting this venture – this overwhelming process was made much more manageable with their expertise!"

~ Lisa Noone

"The college planning process can be a challenging time when two parents are involved. When there is only one, it becomes even more daunting, especially from a financial perspective. That is why, as a single parent, it was important for me to have a 'partner' in ensuring I was:

  • Maximizing the college planning process to my son’s benefit, and
  • Ensuring we were taking advantage of all the right opportunities to save on costs for my son’s education.

College Aid Professionals partnered with me to do both. After each meeting, I felt very confident that we were heading in the right direction. CAP always took the time to answer my questions – I found them to be very responsive every step of the way. I, truly, wouldn’t have been able to get through it without them."

~ Donna M. Sutherland

"Dear College Aid Professional Team,

Thank you so much for your excellent work. Upon speaking with other high school seniors, my daughter's friends & their parents, I have highly recommended that they attend one of your CAP seminars. I have been on the 'other side' without your collaboration with my older son’s college process…and it is much easier and much more peaceful with your team of professional support.

If I could describe my daughter’s college enrollment process in one word…it was prepared. She shared her experience and information from our meetings with Keith and applied herself with an excellent interview at Franklin & Marshall. She then went to her AP English teacher and suggested that her class devote some time to college essays, interview techniques, college searches and scholarship research. Many of her fellow classmates were skeptical of enrolling into college due to the cost, and they were afraid to mention it to their parents because they didn’t want to strain the family finances.

I know from experience that it takes more than motivated Students, High School Guidance Counselors, Teachers and Parents who support students into enrolling in college. In today’s world, it takes people like you and your team to help make it affordable and effortless. In today’s world it takes parents and students who are prepared for what lies ahead in their search of a good higher education. We want to extend out thankfulness for your preparation in the process.

Once, our outside resource, the collaborative team that helped us 'stay ahead of the game', The College Aid Professionals… are now part of our family and sharing in the excitement of Julia’s future at Franklin & Marshall. We appreciate it and thank you so much for your support professionalism and hard work."

~ Dan & Kathy & Family

"Hi Keith,

I just wanted to thank you for the SAT course instruction you gave my son, Michael. He came up 70 pts in both reading and math and 80 pts in writing! While there is still more room for improvement he did much better than he did on the two previous SAT tests. Amazing! He is a decent student but struggles horribly with standardized testing so needless to say the course you taught was worth its weight in gold for him.

I can't thank you enough. You and your company have been a God send!"

~ Claudette

“Well the time has finally come, planning your child’s college years. I am sure you are worried about how you will ever be able to afford the high cost. No matter how much you save it never seems to cover the increasing costs. There is no need to worry any longer; College Aid Professionals are the ones to help you."

- Client

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